White Belt journey into Vegetable gardening.

The quarantine has been an eye opener for many reasons. One major realization is that I realized that with all my education I have very little knowledge about the basics of survival. That is real. I decided that it is high time that we learn – or at least start to learn how to develop a garden. Although I am not planning on growing enough food to feed a family of four with a 4 x 8 garden plot – I am determined to LEARN something about horticulture and armed with that knowledge develop larger vegetable gardens in the future.

Part A: Planting seeds indoors. I am a complete gardening novice. This video shows our learning process and is trial and error. Goals: Nurture the seedling – build character – toughen up & plant outdoors.


Make sure seedlings are warm enough

Get grow lights

Do not over water

Do not pot up too soon

Do not touch the roots of the seedlings

Part 1: Assemble & Align

Here we assemble a garden bed and prepare it for the next steps. This is for novices & people who have teenagers at home and are looking for a way to engage them in nature.

Raised Garden Bed: Part 2: “Secure & Prepare for Battle”

We are building a raised garden bed to increase our life skills. In this video we are adding fence poles, bird & deer proofing, mulch & garden soil. So far it is a labor of love.

Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Part 3: Gathering Momentum

My family and I assembled our first 4 x 8 raised garden bed. In this third video of our series we plant vegetables in the ground, stake the tomato plants and supplement the soil.